What is an XML sitemap?

What is an XML sitemap?

The major search engines have joined forces to establish the same protocol allowing you to send them a complete list of your website's pages.

This protocol relies on the creation of XML files.

In this kind of file, it is possible to indicate a set of information relating to each URL in addition to your URLs. Here are some examples:

  • The date of the last modification of the file
  • Probable frequency of modification
  • Priority of the URL over the other pages of the website

Please note that there are several types of sitemap files:

  • Sitemap index files,
  • Mobile sitemap,
  • News sitemap or
  • Sitemap for videos
  • etc.

It is even possible to propose images to illustrate some files.

You will find all the specifications of this format that has become a standard on the following website: http://sitemaps.org