What is the golden triangle?


The eye tracking (or oculometry) is a technology that makes possible, as its name suggests, to track the eye of a person, particularly on a screen.

With the help of this kind of tools, ergonomists can know which points of the screen a user's eyes are focused on and for how long.

As a consequence, it is possible to improve the layout of a web page if the most critical parts do not attract enough attention.

This process has been used many times on the Google search engine in order to understand how users perceive the result pages.

For example, since the arrival of universal search adding images and videos (among others) and a lot of colors to Google's immaculate pages has transformed the typical pathway by Internet surfers.

Published studies make it possible to distinguish an extremely hot zone ensuring optimal visibility. This zone, in the shape of a triangle, has been named "the Golden Triangle" (probably in reference to the Golden Number.

In general, the Golden Triangle represent the top 3 positions.

These results can be more or less observed by tracking the volume of traffic when we switch from one position to another.

For example, it is undeniable that between a sixth position and a second, there is a significant and observable gap in terms of visibility and, potentially, in terms of clicks too.