How to offer a link exchange?

How to offer a link exchange?

Even though this is not the best netlinking method, the exchanges of links mostly remain efficient.

Many links are thus exchanged every day. A popular website can quickly and frequently receive a lot of exchanges offers.

Launching a links exchange strategy is very time-consuming:most emails go unanswered and the majority of responses are often negative réponses sont souvent négatives (or expensive).

Actually, some people have completely automated their exchange request emails.

In order to maximize your chances, here are some tips:

  • Don't target websites that are too popular compared to yours.
  • Customize the content of your mails as much as you can.
  • Work on your email subjects in order to raise interest.
  • Make sure that your mail doesn't end up in the spam box.

And finally, for the most important opportunities, make a phone call in addition to your mail.

Just for the record, some day I wasn't able to get in touch with an Ecommerce website (which was being closed), so I ended up sending an old paper mail!