Which keywords should I target?

Which keywords should I target?

In order to optimize a website, it is necessary to make a keywords search beforehand. The most interesting keywords are obviously those that your marketing target searches the most.

The more specific and close to a conversion is a keyword, the more interesting it is.

In addition to this, we have to add the competition in the results pages, as well as the number of monthly searches.

This two parameters allow you to evaluate the interest to target a keyphrase (number of visitors than can be generated) as well as the effort that you will need to make in order to hope to high rank.

It is possible to distinguish the keyphrases searched by the internauts who want to buy (containing for example "sale, purchase, buy, coupon code, discount...") from those more informative containing for example "how" ,"image of...".

First of all, it is better to target keyphrases containing two or three words rather than only one. The traffic generated will be more qualified and the chances of being high ranked will be stronger with a less important work to do.

Some tools like Google Keyword Planner; Google Adwords, SEMrush but also the analysis of the websites of your competitors and just your skills for the job must allow you to identify the best keywords.

Due to the growing popularity of voice search, Internet users are increasingly questioning search engines by using specific expressions ("why", "how"...). Including them in your content and offering answers has a increasing slight impact on your chances of being high ranked.

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