What are the SEO’s secrets?

What are the SEO's secrets?

Here comes the most interesting part of this document where you will learn how to easily and for sure rank on search engines.

Let's be serious. Actually, there is few "secrets" about SEO. The major pillars of Google algorithms are known and don't evolve much over the years.

The triptych structure, the content and popularity remain on the table. Today, we have to add the users behavior and increasingly all the social cues.

This knowledge does not make the ranking automatic as Google does everything in its power to not make its rankings easily falsifiable. In order to be ranked, you often have to be legitimate, first.

Please, never forget that search engines are looking for relevance and want to satisfy their users while getting as much advertising revenues as possible.

In this way, even a Google engineer working at the heart of ranking, indexing or analysis algorithms would not be the best SEO specialist.

If we take a look at the evolution of the evaluation of the criteria and new analyzed factors in Google's algorithms, we notice a real tendency to gradually abandon easy to optimize criteria (meta keywords, keywords in URLs, meta description...) in favor of external or more "subjective" criteria.

We find, for example, the evaluation of user satisfaction, the quality of backlinks rather than the number, the authority of a website on a given topic...

Stop looking for secrets and make the way you see SEO simpler by asking you this question: "Are you more legitimate-than the top 3 websites?"

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