How to optimize your internal linking?

How to optimize your internal linking?

The internal linking plays a key role in the SEO of a website: the bigger the website, the greater the impact of the internal architecture of your links.

It is possible to distinguish the main optimization criteria:

The anchor of links (clickable text): Let's get rid of "click here" as well as non-relevant and parasite keywords. For example, you should rather choose "Small appliance" over "my sweet small appliance"! . Sometimes you will have to decide between an unusual writing style and SEO.

For a link on an image, don't forget to fill in the alt attribute by taking into consideration both the users and the search engines.

The number of links per page: the more links you add to a web page, the more divided the popularity transmitted by each of the links is. As a result, you must delete as much useless links as possible. To achieve it, you must merge the multiple links and in general, you have to try not to unnecessarily duplicate the links that point to the same page.

The order of the links on the web page: it is legitimate for us to think that the last link of a web page is less well considered than the first ones, especially if there are a lot of them. Furthermore, regarding the duplicated links case, it is currently pretty useless to optimize the second text anchor. Let's focus on the first one, then.

The close environment of the link: In addition to the clickable text anchor of the link, the engines analyse the close environment of the link, i.e. the text located near the link. It should therefore be ideally suited to the keyword you are aiming for.

The number of links pointing to the same target: The more you include internal links pointing to the same page, the more popular it will be.

The level of the link: Links located high up in the tree structure of the website will mostly be those issuing the most popularity. An important page must be linked from the homepage and/or from your main categories.

To conclude, feel free to link pages targeting close keywords. For example, on an e-commerce, you can link some similar products or those listed in the same category.- If it is an article, you can link articles with similar keywords included in the title or those with some tags in common.