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Oseox is an SEO platform (SAAS). A powerful, easy-to-use crawler, Alerting & Monitoring software and an SEO toolbox.
Test Oseox for free in less than 2 minutes and discover a platform made by SEOs for SEOs.

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Crawl your site & automate your non-regression tests! Receive easy-to-analyze crawl reports & alerts.

Automatically receive an easy-to-understand file with errors to correct & opportunities to exploit. Up to 12 months of history retained.

If someone modifies a canonical, your robots.txt, a tag, a URL, a backlink... are you going to wait until you lose traffic before correcting?
Our SEO software checks EVERYTHING, every day, automatically & notifies you by email.

1 minute! That's how long it takes to create a free account and start monitoring. Comprehensive tutorials are also available. All you have to do is add your URLs & Backlinks

Oseox is used by leading e-commerce companies, SEO agencies and consultants worldwide.

If SEO is an important channel for your business, our software can automatically warn you of any regression.

HTTP statuts, robots.txt, TITLE, Canonical, Meta robots, Hreflang...
Backlinks & Indexation...
Monitoring any string or tag !

No more time-consuming manual checks. Automatically check the sustainability of your SEO optimizations and backlinks every 3 minutes, every hour or every day.

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The Oseox SEO platform is made up of a number of tools


Enter the URL of an XML sitemap containing your URLs. Every day, our robot will check that they're still returning HTTP header 200. In other words, they're working properly. Every day, you'll receive a report of all pages in error.

As your sitemap updates automatically, so will your monitoring without any action on your part.

Oseox HTTP

Enter a list of URLs that are important for your site's visibility. Every day, our robot will check that they work, i.e. that they respond in HTTP 200. If they don't, we'll send you an email the same day.

You can also enter a list of URLs that must respond in 301. These are your redirects. If one day they no longer redirect in 301, for example if they are mistakenly deleted from your server, then you would be notified automatically by email.


Oseox MONITORING will check the SEO of your important pages every day. If it spots a change then you'll receive an email.

For example, we'll check meta robots, robots.txt, HTTP header, canonical, H1... You can also configure monitoring tags or content so that you'll be notified immediately if they're deleted.


Oseox ALERTING is one of the most powerful SEO software packages in the OSEOX suite. Like Oseox MONITORING, it will check all SEO criteria but... EVERY HOUR.

This is an infernal cadence to be alerted very quickly in case of change. To be reserved for your pages generating the most traffic and sales.

Oseox LINK

Oseox Link focuses on monitoring backlinks. Losing a link will affect your visibility in search engines. visibility. If, on top of that, you've bought or exchanged that link, it's even more regrettable.

The Oseox Link SEO software will check every day whether your previously declared backlinks are still there! Simple, practical, effective and devilishly indispensable for SEOs.

Oseox PING

Oseox PING connects every 3 minutes to the sites of your choice in order to check that the home page of each site is responding in HTTP 200.

It's free and ultra-fast. 1 check every 3 minutes! Be warned before anyone else when a site is down.


Oseox DOMAIN checks the expiration dates of your SSL certificates and domain names for you every day. If you forget to renew a domain name or SSL certificate it's disaster guaranteed.

Oseox DOMAIN is automatically configured. It will locate all the domain names you have added to the OSEOX toolset. So there's nothing to do, it will automatically monitor your domains and send you email notifications on the anniversary date as well as several days before to warn you in advance of upcoming expirations.

Oseox BOX

Une jolie ToolBox SEO avec plein d'outils qui réponderont à vos petits besoins.

Visualisation entêtes HTTP, Comparaison de listes, générer des combinaisons de keywords
Extraire Hx, TITLE, Meta description, canonical d'une URL
Compter les caractères et les mots d'un texte..


Every month, Oseox SENTINEL crawls your sites and then generates an XLS report. This report is a kind of technical SEO TODO that contains a list of errors to be corrected / optimized.

404,301 et 302
TITLE, META DESCRIPTION: vides, dupliquées, trop courtes...
URL non indexables ou/et canonicalisées...

The report generated is designed to be simple & light. Add your sites then automatically receive a report. All crawl data can be downloaded in 1 click (CSV). Up to 12 months of history are kept for analysis & backtracking.

A magnificent dashboard is offered with a series of graphs for visual data analysis.

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