What is a bad domain name for SEO?

What is a bad domain name for SEO?

Aware of the advantage given by a domain name containing the keywords useful to get ranked, some people over-optimize without thinking about it.

This behavior leads to drifts that we sometimes come across in the results pages, such as:


Many problems can be caused by this choice.

If we put ourselves in the search engines shoes, a bad domain name can easily and automatically raise suspicion.

Its length will reduce your optimization possibilities on most sponsored link platforms.

In the same way, some directories or publishing sites may have provided slightly too severe restrictions which complicate the use of their services.

In the results pages of search engines, your URLs will rarely be displayed without being shortened. As a result, users will not have full visibility on your tree structure nor on the full URL of the page they are viewing.

Above all, avoid launching a website on a domain that does not belong to you. Many providers offer subdomains such as Free or Orange but the annual savings of a few euros/dollars/pounds is not justified if your project is ambitious.

In the same vein, if you are hosted in a sub-domain of a famous media (such as Le Monde...) by offering content unrelated to the original website, since July 2019, Google has significantly limited the positive impact of this practice. In other words: be careful!