What is the keyword density score and how to optimize it?

What is the keyword density score and how to optimize it?

Like the PageRank or meta tags, the keyword density score is one of the elements related to SEO that enjoy a strong popularity.

In your opinion, will a page with a 5.3% density score on a given keyword be more or less relevant to a web user than a page with a 3.9% density score?

  • By the way, how to calculate and compare this keyword density score?
  • By keeping the layout tags? By working on the elements and generic content that belong to the website template?
  • By processing only the contextual part of the web page?

It is hard to answer these questions but it is undeniable that the Internet offers a wide variation of this kind of scores, no matter how it is calculated.

Never forget that search engines look for relevance above all else.

They are also perfectly capable of determining specific averages by type of content or by topic. In that respect, it is easy to spot a website that would deviate significantly from these standards.

As a result, there would be no ideal keyword density to aim for. However, if your target-keyword is completely absent of your content or completely drown in the middle of a text about a different topic, the results will be harder to getif not to say impossible on very competitive queries.

So don't focus on this keyword density which has been of little interest for a long time. Rather focus-on the exhaustive and precise use of the lexical field of your target keyword, you would then be able to reach a larger number of keywords.