What is the best netlinking method?

What is the best netlinking method?

According to Google, the best one is the link baiting. It is based on the creation of qualitative content that naturally generates links.

It is therefore the most efficient and less risked method in Google's view.

Unfortunately, it is complicated to set up, sometimes expensive, often hazardous and certainly not efficient enough on very competitive keywords.

Actually, there is no best netlinking technique. The choice of a strategy depends on numerous parameters that vary from one project to another.

These parameters can be, for example:

  • Competition on targeted keywords,
  • The age of the website,
  • The current popularity of the website,
  • Time available before getting results,
  • Level of risk-taking towards Google,

A netlinking strategy also evolves as results are achieved and depending on the environment.

Overall, it will most often be necessary to get quite a variety of links and therefore develop several methods.

Your netlinking can constantly evolve without you being aware of it. Plenty of links can get you visits without being useful to the engines, while some links that will never be used by Internet users can be used by the search engines as a source of crawl for your site.

Consequently, it is very important to monitor the netlinking of your website at all times. You may unwillingly lose links and gain some without knowing it.

If an external website make a link to a page of your website that no longer exists and was not redirected, then it will (at best) link back to your 404 page and therefore, you will lose its influence. It is thus important de warn your partners in case of a change of URL and ask them to always point to the most appropriate page.

This work is laborious, thankless and painstaking but it ensures a consistent and qualitative work. .A good knowledge and having good relations with your network are thus essential to the success of this strategy.