How to detect a scammer selling SEO services?

How to detect a scammer selling SEO services?

This job sometimes suffer from a bad reputation as many other jobs related to service providing. As the results cannot be guaranteed, even a highly-qualified professional could be unfairly criticized by a disappointed client.

How to avoid hiring a scammer?

First of all, ask the right questions and above all, compare many offers before making a commitment.

Beware with providers who promise you the moon. You are told that it is gonna be difficult and require a lot of work? That is a good sign!

Do not hesitate to ask for the moon in pre-sales to test the honesty of your interlocutor.

Their methodology is not clear? You don't get a lot of examples of results achieved on other projects? Worrying…

If a SEO specialist guarantees you results, check that the keyphrases are indeed frequently typed in the search engines and that the contract does provide for financial compensation if the results are not achieved within a given period of time.

Make sure that the work will not me made by underpaid interns who are not always present in the company.

The selling price may also be a warning to you. You are going to pay less than 2.000 euros for a year of SEO work?

Seriously, at such a rate, how many hours per month will actually be spent on your website?

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