What are the data centers?

What are the data centers?

Search engines data centers contains thousands of servers in order to be able to respond to the users queries as quickly as possible.

The other functions of data centers are to have a strong computing power in order to index new pages every day, to update the existing data and to store everything securely.

Many specialists estimate the number of Google's servers at more than one million.

Google and the other search engines had to build all over the world this kind of structure, sometimes as big as several football fields.

The 2 major issues related to data centers are the power and the heat.

In order to make the machines work in good conditions, the temperature must stay constant and not be too high.

To maintain the temperature at an appropriate level and supply power to the servers, a constant, reliable and inexpensive power source must be available in abundance nearby.

It makes sense that, power is then one of Google's most important expense items.