Can we buy links and how?

Can we buy links and how?

Aware of the importance of links in Google algorithms, a lot of websites owners and SEO professionals tried to obtain as many links as possible.

Consequently, buying links has quickly become obvious. It is an artificial solution to easily and rapidly increase the popularity.

In view of this craze and this emerging economy, various stakeholders have decided to create marketplaces where many links are exchanged and bought every day.

This kind of platform simply connects sellers with a network of links and buyers who want to popularize their websites.

If you use a platform, you will be able to get concrete and costed offers.

It is also possible to get in touch with a website editor directly and try to start a negotiation.

The price of a link is very flexible and depends on multiple criteria. From 10 euros to more than 5000 euros per link, a netlinking campaign based on links purchase can quickly represent a high budget.

On the other hand, if someday, you lose those links, the popularity will gradually disappear.

It is also worth reminding you that the purchase of links is strictly forbidden by Google. Several websites have already been severely penalised. It is up to you to measure the risks remembering that the denunciation of "paid links" is frequent.