How to defeat Wikipedia in SEO?

Does Wikipedia take the first position on a keyword you target and you can't pass ahead?

It may sometimes be a difficult task because Google apparently gives a bonus to this website. However, even without this potential "whitelist", search engines confidence in Wikipedia is undoubtedly strong.

This task is even harder when the keyphrase you target is "non-commercial". A lot of internauts will firstly click on a Wikipedia result before finding an information. That is why their click-through rate is certainly very high compared to other domains.

In order to evaluate the work that is necessary in order to pass beat Wikipedia, you must check the number of links coming from different domains and pointing to the page you want to precede.

Obviously, the bigger the number, the harder this battle will be to win.

On the contrary, if the Wikipedia page has mostly links coming from their domain, then it might be easier to get high ranked by working on backlinks.