Is it better to use DIV tag rather than table?

Is it better to use DIV tag rather than table?

HTML tags must above all be used according to their definition. These definitions are available on the official standards specifications published by the W3C.

From now on, ask yourself the following question:

Is a page formatted using DIV tags more likely to be relevant than a page that was integrated with table tags?

It has probably nothing to do with it.

However, please note that for the purists, tables are supposed to be used for the presentation of tabular data above all and not to manage the whole layout of a web page.

Others will say that a page layout created with tables is bigger, makes the code larger or reduce the display speed... But unfortunately it is just as possible to create a bad quality code with DIV tags.

However, using table tags can be advantageous in search results. Indeed, data classified in tabular form may appear in the same form in the framework of enriched results, where this layout may be relevant. This is the case of research findings on nutrient intakes from foods or other statistical data, for example.

Lately, through their spokesman, Google reminded us that the choice of the table/DIV was not a ranking problem but was essentiel to change the quality of the product code.