How to speed up the indexing of your website?

How to speed up the indexing of your website?

Search engines takes several factors into consideration in order to adapt their crawl speed better and so smartly share they computing power.

The crawl-delay of robots.txt or meta revisit-after are just ignored by Google. Even the characteristic Frequency of a XML sitemap doesn't seem to be taken into account.

A website offering each day plenty of new pages all day long will very often be visited by robots. They seem to adapt to the rhythm of publication.

Pages and websites with a high PageRank are also more often crawled.

(Keep) providing a RSS feed, a XML updated in real time sitemap or point numerous links (both external and internal) to a new page are also positive parameters.

The traffic seems also to be an indicator. Getting thousands of visitors to a new website seems to be a way to rapidly alert robots.

As for Google, some SEO professionals think that using Google Analytics or Google Adwords can speed up the indexing process.

Live or near live indexing has today become a reality for lots of websites.
Finally, submitting your website on the official Google form is no longer possible and seemed quite inefficient.

There remains the Google Search Console solution.