How to get a new page indexed as quickly as possible?

How to get a new page indexed as quickly as possible?

Do you just launch a new website or publish an article related to current news? In order to quickly generate traffic coming from search engines,it would be then necessary that they find it as soon as possible.

For a new web page, ideally, a maximum number of links from your site should point to it. In general, a link from the homepage or a generic zone of your template will be efficient, especially if your website is popular.

For a new website, the most important is to get links issued from other websites often visited by Google (and that Google likes). .

As strange as it may seem, receiving traffic on a new URL seems to speed up Google's indexing. So getting visits quickly via other acquisition channels such as social networks and sponsored links would have an indirect impact favouring the indexing.

The use of a XML sitemap or Google Search Console can also speed up the indexing process.

Google Search Console is the best solution.