How often do bots visit a website?

How often do bots visit a website?

Every day, bots browse millions of web pages. They go back to already known pages in order to update the data stored in their servers and also discover new pages.

Bots are actually programs that are constantly running on hundreds of thousands of computers.

The major search engines therefore have an incredible computing power.

In order to offer recent and relevant results while preserving their technical resources as much as possible, algorithms determine how to use this machine time in the most optimal way.

In this way, the most famous sites/pages receive much more bots visits than unpopular resources.

Search engines also regularly identify the updated contents. They also can adapt their visits frequency depending on their findings. Why visiting every day a page that has not been updated for 5 years?

A famous web page offering very frequently new contents will be browsed several times a day.

Currently, Google is the search engine capable of quickly indexing new pages. Today, we are talking about the real-time referencing.

It is pretty common to see small blog's articles being indexed and ranked on Google in a few minutes.

To know precisely the frequence of robots visits on your website, there is only one solution: log analysis.

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