How to get the first position on a competitive query?

How to get the first position on a competitive query?

Optimization strategies depends on targeted keywords. Indeed, depending on the competitive environment and available resources, you should not systematically implement the same strategy.

And that is lucky for us, that would make the SEOs job very boring and eventually require little expertise.

First of all, with a few exceptions, it is good to know that a young website could not rank on a very competitive keyphrase for a long time.

On the one hand, it is necessary to become legitimate (why would a new website come to dislodge a website ranked for four years in first position and giving satisfaction to the users?). And on the other hand, it is necessary to gain the confidence of the search engines.

This therefore requires time and a lot of work. In SEO, you have to be patient and aim for goals within reach.

Overall, the more there is competition on a given keyword, the more you'll need netlinking. It is the criteria that can make a difference. Furthermore, once your content has been written, you are not gonna spend your whole time optimizing it.

You will therefore need to acquire more and more links, of ever better quality and from a wide range of media.

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