How to optimize a multilingual website?

How to optimize a multilingual website?

A multilingual website has specific problems.

It is not possible to detail all of these issues in a document like this one. In spite of it, if you respect the few following points you'll start on better footing.

Focus on subdomains:

  • (Spanish version)
  • (Italian version)

Or even better, on specific ccTLD (country code Top Left Domain):


Other solutions are less interesting.

However, it is possible to get some very interesting results with specific directories.

You will even probably get results faster if you already have a strong domain name in a given language.

Do not mix content written in different languages on a same web page. Never do that.

A domain => A URL => A content => One language.

Each domain or subdomain requires a complete SEO work.

The netlinking of each language must be developed. .

If you get a quotation from a SEO specialist who doubles their rate for almost every language, it seems pretty logic and means that they are serious providers.

Unless your goals are less important from a language to another…

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