How to get links naturally?

How to get links naturally?

This is the strategy recommended primarily by Google in order to optimize the visibility of a website.

We should therefore bait the links: this strategy is called "link baiting".

How to make users want to send out link to your website? Most of the time, you will have to play the originality card and know how to stand out from other sites.

A very famous American company (Zappos) received numerous links thanks to their human relations policy: Giving a $1000 bonus to employees leaving the company at the end of their probationary period in order to keep only the most motivated.

Videos like "Lib dub", these songs often sung in playback by employees of a group, have had their finest hour by regularly creating small buzz...and therefore links.

Games or contests, polemical articles, beautiful computer graphics, an atypical design, an unusual product or polls are all techniques that can generate links.

Playing on humour, fear, offering quality information in your field, interviewing a famous person...there are a lot of possibilities.

Too complicated? More complicated than submitting to a directory? Definitely.

The problems with this kind of strategies are that the results can't be guaranteed very often, the investment is frequently higher and you don't master the criteria for optimizing a link.

However, a successful link bait can indeed be powerful and very well considered by Google.