What is the nofollow attribute and how to use it today?

What is the nofollow attribute and how to use it today?

The nofollow attribute can be assigned to the a tag (tag for displaying a hyperlink) in the following way:

<a href= 'https://www.google.com' rel='nofollow'>Google</a>

This attribute allows us to instruct search engines that this link should not be considered as an influence. In this way, this link is supposed to not convey popularity.

A website with this kind of linking would not benefit from it.

The nofollow is not considered the same depending on the search engines. It also evolves as times goes by. Being able to distinguish the official speech of search engines regarding this attribute from the real behavior of their algorithms is not an easy task.

Today, it seems that a search engine such as Google doesn't hesitate when it comes to visit a new page pointed by a nofollow link. However, it will not value this resource in terms of popularity.

And even worse, in the calculation of the potential popularity issued for each link on a page (division of the global popularity if the page by the number of links the page send out), the nofollow links will take a part but will not be able to redistribute popularity.

If you believe in this behavior, then the attitude to adopt is simple. You must delete the nofollow attribute of all your links, whether they are internal or external.

Anyways, I suggest that you test the behavior of this attribute by yourself.