How long does it take to get results ?

How long does it take to get results ?

This question is vital for many entrepreneurs in order to have a medium-term vision of their business. Unfortunately, SEO forecasts are often uncertain for many reasons.

Google remains the master of their ranking and nobody has the opportunity to know exactly what they are gonna do.

For political, technical, budgetary and sometimes simple ego problems, it is not possible to implement the best optimizations, which inevitably affects the results.

Meanwhile, the competition may significantly grow or put more budget in it.

Tools that provide estimates of search volumes are not necessarily very precise.

For a set of results positioned in first page, the traffic generated can vary very strongly depending on the position. Thus, a page ranked in sixth position can be clicked ten times less than a page on a first position.

However, nowadays, we are at the time of real-time referencing. That means Google is capable of indexing a new page and rank it in a few minutes most of the time. A few years ago, you could have waited for 6 months!

A new domain name cannot be ranked rapidly on very competitive keywords. Usually, you will have to wait six weeks to reach the first level of visits, then six months of existence to rank on more and more competitive keywords. From one year onwards, your website will have gained much greater legitimacy in the eyes of the search engines.

In any case, do not imagine dislodging in a few months websites that are ranked for years and have been working on their visibility for much longer than you with mostly a strong budget and a great reactivity to the expectations of Internet users.

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