How to optimize a TITLE tag ?

How to optimize a TITLE tag ?

The TITLE tag is the most important element related to a web page you must optimize.

All the tags TITLE of your website must be unique and optimized. Each new optimized tag potentially means more turnover for you. Feel free to reread the last sentence twice or more.

It must contain the keywords you target above all others. The more a keyword will be located at the beginning of the tag, the more powerful it will be.

It must encourage the user to click on your website from the results pages of search engines because it is very often displayed there.

Search engines know how to read very long TITLE but it is recommended not to exceed 600 pixels (number of variable characters depending on the break and their size) in order to be absolutely sure that they will be integrally displayed.

The more a TITLE will contain words, the less each word will be important.

In a TITLE tag, if two keywords are far from each other, your tag will be less optimized .

Most of the time, it is useless to indicate the name of your website or brand in every TITLE tag. Be careful with the automation of your brand, especially if it has 40 characters…

In addition to this, feel free to include adjectives and switch wisely between singulars and plurals. You could then rank on less competitive queries and start getting more visitors, even if your website is recent or unpopular.

Finally, with voice search, offering interrogative titles (as well as the answer to this interrogation on your website obviously) might also appeal search engines and people.