How much traffic should SEO represent?

How much traffic should SEO represent?

Once again, it is not possible to give a generic answer to this question.

The share of traffic coming from natural results (off-brand) of search engines is very variable from one website to another.

The share of traffic is strongly linked to the strategy implemented in SEO as well as for other channels, to the seniority, the size of the website and the competition on the topic worked on.

There are two major points to remember:

  • Ideally, your project should be able to survive a drop in your visibility in the natural results of search engines. As a wise proverb says, don't put all your eggs in one basket.
  • Generally, the share of the SEO channel (non-branded) varies from 25 to 40% for websites working on many traffic acquisition channels (emailing, sponsored links, comparators, etc.)

On websites that do not use e-marketing, it is perfectly possible to observe a proportion exceeding 70%.

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