Should you add your target keyword in your domain name?

Should you add your target keyword in your domain name?

Search engines analyze the domain name of website and undoubtedly take this factor into account.

The emphasis varies considerably from a search engine to another. For example, Bing focuses more on that criteria than Google.

It is currently an interesting advantage on Google and a very interesting one on Bing.

It is important to keep in mind that it is perfectly possible to rank on Google's first page on a given keyword without a SEO optimized domain.

Type "car" or "real estate" on and the results will convince you.

It is just one criterion among others that help us to achieve our goals.

In my humble opinion, the more the algorithms of search engines will become relevant, the less this criterion will be important.

Besides, Google seems to be slowly but surely reducing this factor over the last few years.

Being really strategic, the choice of a domain name can't be considered as a SEO matter only.

So, in 2020, choosing a domain full of keywords (also called EMD or exact match domain) like or is less and less relevant regarding the capitalization of a domain name such as " brand".

However, please note that some "big business" still depend on the use of an EMD.