Where to find keywords that internet users actually search?

Where to find keywords that internet users actually search?

Before choosing on which keywords you are going to optimize your website, you first need to know which ones are the most popular.

Indeed, it would quite inefficient to focus too much on keywords generating few or even no traffic at all.

In order to do this, there are several methods and lots of online tools.

Google tools are quite interesting, among others.

Google Adwords offers a keywords generator for sponsored links campaigns. Nothing prevents you from consulting it for your SEO work.


However, Google no longer provides search volume data for a few years, now. It is necessary to activate an AdWords campaign in order to have access to these data. Furthermore, these data are widely grouped by similar keywords.

Most of the major sponsored links sales platforms offer such a tool.

When you type a keyword on the engine, Google generally suggests other very close keywords containing the terms you previously typed. Feel free to use these suggestions.

Since 2004, Google Trends allows you to visualize a graph of the search volume month by month for each keyword on a scale of several years. If you select a country like France, you even could get information region by region.

SemRush and Keywordtool.io are 2 amazing tools.

The analysis of competitors websites and communautaire services whose topic is close to the topic of your website can be a valuable source of information.