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We are a french compagny (nobody's perfect...) and we edit an incredible SEO Software: Oseox!

It's an SEO Crawler (SAAS) and a powerful alerting solution (Onsite, Backlink, SSL & Domain name...)

Oseox SEO software Monitoring

Our baseline is : "Secure your SEO and say SEO to SEO Nightmares"

An SEO nightmare is when optimizations, content or backlinks are removed from a site with important consequences on its visibility.

Our goal is to make sure that nothing changes and to inform you as soon as possible in case of problem : Imagine just one second a a bad instruction in your robots.txt : - )

Also, our crawler Rob brings you all the SEO data you need and generates easy-to-use reports.

Tutorials : Here is a special website with a lot of tutorials in order to learn how to use Oseox : Oseox Software.

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