How to get indexed numerous pages?

How to get indexed numerous pages?

You just published your website containing a lot of pages and would like to get them indexed as soon as possible?

Patience will be the watchword before you obtain an long-term indexing of very deep pages.

Four criteria will play an important role:

The age and authority of the website : An old website is better indexed especially if it is legitimate in the eyes of search engines.

The popularity of each web page: A page containing a lot of backlinks (links pointing to it from other websites) is much more likely to be indexed.

The architecture of the website: Each page must be linked from as much other pages of the website as possible. The more a web page will be linked by another page close to the homepage or of a main category, the more positive this will be.

The content: If the page displays numerous unique contents, then it will be more likely to be and remain indexed than with duplicate content or too few content.

The traffic: Pages receiving regularly visitors seem more likely to remain in the index of search engines.

A XML sitemap (valid and error-free) can also be useful but will not be a guarantee for both indexing and ranking.

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