Is a blog an advantage for SEO?

Is a blog an advantage for SEO?

Here is a urban legend that continues year after year. In the end, a blog in no more than a kind of news module.

So, where does that myth come from?

There are at least three reasons to explain this impression:

  • The tools to publish a blog are generally very well designed. They do not present any obstacle to indexing, unlike many sites or modules developed "from scratch". And even better, their architecture and functionalities (ping) usually facilitate the indexing of new publications.
  • A blog is mostly a tool dedicated to publishing content. However, many commercial websites lack editorial content. As you know, search engines love content.
  • Finally, bloggers send and receive links very regularly: Within their posts, via the famous blogrolls, or via discussion channels and the publication of the most popular blogs rankings...

It's an explosive cocktail that search engines are crazy about.

However, please note that given the higher proportion of links issues from websites in "blog" format, it is not surprising that the search engines devalue slightly the links sent out.

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