What is PageRank sculpting?

What is PageRank sculpting?

PageRank sculpting consists of optimizing the popularity flow transiting through the links from your website (internal links) in order to maximize its impact.

The goal is to better distribute the popularity resulting from the links, in particular by sending more feeds to important content to the detriment of content with no major objective of visibility (therefore not SEO đŸ˜‰), this should logically generate better visibility.

Indeed, it is undeniable that popularity (coming from qualitative links) plays an important role in content ranking.

In the same way, removing or deleting links from a page can be associated to PageRank sculpting.

It is important to know that it is also possible to "hide" some links from search engines by keeping them active for users through some complicated implementations. In this case, we're talking about link obfuscation.

For example, links such as "View this product" which can make it easier for the user to navigate, sometimes significantly increase the number of links displayed on a page and this is not relevant for SEO.

This approach will be all the more effective if the optimized website is popular, has many pages and can make up for a poorly thought-out architecture.

These are often specific optimizations for search engines. Recent studies made on the increasingly developed interpretation of Javascript by the crawlers show that these techniques have limits as they evolve and meet their requirements. It is now advisable to use more complex encryption methods to hide the destination of these links, making sure that they do not interfere with page loading.

Be careful, the base64 coding or some simple JS links don't work.