Technical SEO

Technical SEO

Optimize the technique !

We often distinguish the following triptych during a SEO service:

This part is therefore dedicated to the technical optimization. Which basically means: the true support of your content. We often talk about 'on site' criteria, too. The final goal is double:

  • To highlight your contentin the eyes of the search engines by allowing them to access it in the best conditions.
  • To activate how many positive signals as possible in order to maximize the impact of your contentin the SERPs.

In this part, we will see how to remove the factors likely to block the ranking of a website thanks to the following factors:

  • The sessions
  • The forms
  • The URLs with parameters
  • The redirections

We will also focus on:

  • The importance of hosting
  • The quality of the source code
  • The architecture of the website
  • The updates frequency
  • The accessibility

Are you ready? Let's go!


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