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Optimization of images for SEO

Most of the websites use images. These images can be used as illustrations as well as being themselves the main information of an article! Search engines try to understand what the images represent in order to analyze and list the documents better.

The use of images can directly influence the ranking of a web page in the SERPs.


Criteria and tips to optimize images

Many elements are taken into account by the search engines to analyze images, such as:

  • The alt attribute: The alt attribute must contain a description of the image
  • Environment: Take care of the environment of the image. For example, place the image in a paragraph that contains relevant keywords, as well as a caption.
  • Thematic: The thematic of the page will help search engines analyzing the meaning of the image.
  • Ranking of the web page: The ranking of the web page on a given keyword will be improved if the page where the image is displayed is ranked well on this keyword.
  • File name: Use a relevant file name. Separate the words with hyphens.


Optimization for Google Images

Google Images service is one of the most widely used Google services. Being well ranked on this service can actually bring you a lot of traffic.

However, we have to admit that the Internet users acquired through this service are usually not in a purchasing logic.


Images SEO and universal search

In addition to the traffic that you get from Google Images, it is possible to generate a lot of traffic through the universal search. Indeed, when Google inserts images above the natural results, the traffic may be very high.

google images

Please note that the images offered through the universal search have not always the best ranking on Google Images...


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