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Content optimization, the ideal weapon for your SEO?

For many years now, Google has successfully anchored its message, not only among users but also among most of the SEO professionals: ' Work on your content '

And it is true that we rarely see a website with high quality content poorly represented in the SERPs. Despite this, the content does not do everything as we will see in the section Popularity of this tutorial.

So yes, offering, in the first place, quality content is the basis for any optimization of SEO. Any other approach may not be persistent.

However, it is still possible to generate a lot of money and be very well ranked in the search engines with content of questionable quality.

In my humble opinion, what you need to be aware of is this notion of sustainability. It is up to you to define on which side you're on...

But what is a quality content?

During discussions between users and fellow SEOs, I realized that we did not all have the same definition of quality content. Here is mine:

Quality content is unique (original) content that meets user expectations.

The concept of originality is important in the eyes of search engines. Copying and pasting texts by Zola or Balzac that can already be found on many websites will not take part of the 'offer of quality content'. Indeed, even if the intrinsic value of the content is not altered in any way by the famous combination ctrl + c ctrl + v dear to many robbers, the engines are not fond of them.

Optimizing your content

As the search engines are not perfect, it is necessary to optimize your content (even though I am not a fan of the term 'optimizing'). This is why we will approach in this part the following optimization points in order to deliver the quintessence, or better said, the substantial marrow of your content to the engines!

  • URL
  • Title
  • Meta tags
  • Semantic markup
  • Writing for the Internet
  • The images
  • Duplicate content


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