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Boosting your SEO while working on your website's accessibility

We might think that talking about accessibility for SEO issues is a bad approach. It is true that it is a shame to think about the accessibility of our website only from a SEO point of view. But after all, if the criteria used in Google's algorithms lead to awareness and in the end, to a more accessible website, why not?...

You got it right, I won't talk about the interests for users to offer an accessible website here.


Is an accessible website ok for SEO?

A website called 'accessible', as its name indicates, does not exclude a certain category of Internet users and therefore offers easy access to all categories of users(Please note that there are different levels of accessibility). Among the people who may have difficulty while visiting a website, we can find users suffering from a visual, psychomotor or cognitive disability.

And what about an Internet user who does not see, hear or think? It would certainly be the biggest disabled person on the web and it is customary to announce that it is GoogleBot. From here, it is easy to understand why a webmaster who gives importance to the accessibility of their website makes a point.

If we consult the recommendations issued by a company, such as BrailleNet and its repository AccessiWeb or the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines), and then compare these recommendations with the recommendations of SEO experts, we can see many similarities.


Accessibility and SEO: what you need to keep in mind

An accessible website is not associated with good visibility in search engines. In the same vein, a well ranked website with a good SEO in search engines is not necessarily accessible.

However, presenting an accessible website to users is a guarantee of quality and removes many of the SEO constraints found on non-accessible sites.


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