Monitoring SEO

How to perform an effective SEO monitoring?

The field of search engines is in constant motion. The announcements keep coming up week after week. Google, as a true all-rounder, never stop offering new features and services. Of course, the majority of this kind of news does not directly influence the SEO field.

Since search engines algorithms never stop evolving, it is pleasant to assume that optimization techniques may evolve just as fast. However, I have the impression that the basis of SEO has not evolved much or slowly in recent years.

Despite this, we have to admit that a SEO expert must be fully aware of the environment they are living in. Keeping updated of the last news is one thing but knowing how to anticipate the changes is another.

One thing is clear, the SEO job is getting more and more complex and will become more and more complex.


What are the websites that deal with SEO?

In order to perform an effective monitoring, here comes a selection of websites:


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