Links anchor

For this set of tests, here are a few definitions beforehand:

The text anchor of a link is the clickable text. In html, it is the content located between the tags, such as:

<a href="http://www.domain.tld">LINK ANCHOR</a>


For the texts that will follow, I tested both the ranking of the page containing the link (source page)


the ranking of the page targeted by the link (targeted page).

A distinction has been made between 3 kinds of links:

  1. Internal link (between 2 pages from a same website except the homepage)
  2. Internal link pointing to the homepage.
  3. External link (between 2 websites)

We can also distinguish a first link from a second proposed on the same web page.

  1. The first link is the one the search engine will find first in the source code.
  2. The second link is a link located in the same test page than the first link and pointing to the

same URL but coming second in the source code.

Please note that these links have been located on text, not on images.