The tests proposed in this guide have been carried out with the utmost care. Some tests were doubled and even tripled in 2010, then in 2016.

However, despite strict adherence to an experimental protocol, these tests and the results observed are of no scientific value. Observations are given as an indication.

Insofar as search engines evolve every day , some results can rapidly become obsolete.

This document does not provide any guarantee.

Search engines are free to change the way they work at anytime, that is why it is

possible that you notice differences between the information presented and the findings you will discover when you will read this document.

I therefore invite you to test and retest very frequently if you wish to start having

first signs of certainties in SEO. 

In any case, the tests deliver only observations, it is up to you to draw (or not) conclusions. The author of this guide declines any responsibility concerning the optimizations that might be made following the reading of this document :D.

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